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How to Make a Phone Holder for a Bike

Cycling is such a good way to stay healthy and see the great outdoors. It gets you through busy cities fast or out into the wild to feel at one with nature. However, staying connected to the people that matter while on your bike is a trickier matter.

Bike-specific phone mounts can be costly. Yet if you leave your smartphone in your bag or pocket, you could miss out on important updates. Learning how to make a phone holder for your bike is an inexpensive way to approach this problem.

There are a number of ways to make phone holders. In this article, we’ve picked one of the simplest. Plus, we look at the benefits of learning how to make a phone holder yourself.

How to Make a Phone Holder for a Bike

Why Install a Phone Holder on Your Bike?

Granted, the last thing you should be doing while cycling is staring at your phone. Always be safe and use your phone wisely and in hands-free mode only. A bike mount can help with this. Use it to position the phone so that you can glance at it as needed and ignore it the rest of the time.

Here are a few other reasons you might want to learn how to make a phone holder for your bike.


Cycling is, by and large, a safe activity if you take precautions. Always wear a helmet and, if you’re offroad, consider clothing that will cushion a fall. If an accident does occur, you want your phone to hand so you can make a call quickly. If you’re bruised or in pain, you might struggle to dig through a backpack to find your smartphone.

Having your phone within easy reach enhances your safety, making it simple to contact the relevant people in an emergency.

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A primary reason cyclists attach a smartphone to their bike is for navigation purposes. These days, satellite navigation apps do more than simply outline a route. They can show closed roads, traffic hotspots, and even incidents.

Learning how to make a phone holder and positioning your smartphone safely helps you get where you need to be faster. You can also track your bike rides and monitor your fitness goals.

Keep People Updated

If you’re cycling in a group, it helps to have your phone handy to keep the team leader or stragglers updated. Pause, send a quick SMS or WhatsApp message, then carry on with the journey. This helps everyone stay connected and feel involved.

It’s also handy if you’re running late for work or to meet a friend. Use voice commands and hands-free calls to let people know where you are and that you’re safe.

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How to Make a Phone Holder for Your Bike in Minutes

If you want to take advantage of these benefits while cycling but don’t want to shell out for a bike mount, you’re in the right place. Learn how to make a phone holder for your bike with items you may have in your home right now.

This method is as easy as riding a bike. You will need:

  • Four new, strong rubber bands/elastic bands.
  • Four loom band S clips — these are small “S” shaped pieces of plastic that come with loom bands.
  • A standard round split keychain.
  • Your smartphone.


  1. Attach all four rubber bands to the keychain — use the same method you would use to add a key. Open the split part and slide the rubber bands inside. Be careful not to pinch the bands as this can cause premature wear and tear.
  2. Lay the keychain flat and spread the rubber bands out so there are two at the top and two at the bottom.
  3. Attach a loom band S clip to each rubber band.
  4. Connect the empty side of the S clip to the next rubber band, keeping this connection close to the keychain.
  5. Put one rubber band around each corner of your smartphone.
  6. Move the S clips from behind the phone to in front of the phone, ideally at the edges of the screen. This tightens the rubber bands making the holder more secure.
  7. When you’re ready to mount the phone on the bike, remove the rubber band holder from the phone. Position the phone safely, then put the holder back on ensuring there is part of the bike between the holder and the phone.
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The tension of the rubber bands is what keeps the phone in place, so you must ensure you use wide, strong rubber bands. If the phone feels like it might fall out, use smaller bands. Make sure your phone has a suitable screen protector or case for added protection.

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