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Fully Customize Your Phone Wallets

Customize In 5 Easy Steps

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Brands That Trust Us

Brands That Trust Us

Why Choose Phone Wallets Now ?

Any Design, Any Time

Sure, you could use a boring and bland wallet phone case to carry your cards and cash. But why do that when you could customize your own case with a stunning design? Showcase your artwork or build your brand into your case so that it wows anybody who sees it (and is more fun for you to carry). And a word on branding – our custom cell phone wallets are ideal promotional products for companies trying to get their names out there.

Free and Rush Shipping Available

Rather than force you to pay shipping costs on top of your order price, we offer free shipping on all orders. Your cases arrive within 10 business days (Mondy to Friday) and you don’t pay a dollar. What if you want your custom phone wallet faster? No problem – we also offer paid rush shipping that gets your wallet to you in one or two business days.

Pay Less When You Order in Bulk

Custom Phone Wallets Now shows our appreciation for bulk orders by offering a per-unit discount as your order number climbs higher. In some cases, this can result in savings over $2 per unit when you order cell phone wallets through us – a massive discount that you won’t find anywhere else.

How Ordering a Custom Wallet Phone Case Works

We make ordering your custom phone wallet easy – just follow these five steps:

  • Select the style of phone case wallet you want – we have 12 available.
  • Pick from 15 colors for your cell phone wallets, giving us a quantity number for each color.
  • Choose between one, two, three, or full-color imprinting, or no imprint at all!
  • Upload the text and artwork you’d like to place on the phone wallet via our online portal.
  • Select your shipping and approve your proof – we’ll handle the rest.


A custom wallet phone case works a lot like a regular wallet – it gives you a place to store cards and (sometimes) cash.

The difference lies in how you carry them. Where a regular wallet slides into your pocket or purse, a wallet phone case wraps around or connects to your cell phone. This means you have fewer items to carry, as your phone becomes a wallet, too. And in some cases, the wallet phone case can be tough enough to protect your phone from drops and impacts.
Custom Phone Wallets Now makes it easy to customize your phone case wallet.

You can do it as part of placing an order online – just upload your artwork and text when prompted and we create a proof for you to approve. If you’d prefer a more “in-person” customization experience, we also accept your artwork via our “Live Chat” feature, which enables you to talk to one of our reps as you create the wallet.
Our cell phone wallets are usually universal – you can attach them to almost any type of smartphone. But if you have specific questions about compatibility between a wallet and your phone, our customer service team is available via “Live Chat” to guide you in the right direction.

A custom phone wallet is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. For some wallets, that means they simply slot onto the phone’s rear (keeping the camera unimpeded), so you can still access your screen and any relevant buttons.

Other wallet cases may wrap around your phone. But even then, they have slots built in to provide access to buttons and your camera without you having to remove the case.
Extremely secure. Every case is designed to offer a tight fit while still ensuring you can access your cards whenever you need them.

Some of our cell phone wallets also have extra security measures in place, such as a press button, that secures your cards further by placing a flap of material over them. But that is simply for peace of mind – all of our cases are made to prevent cards and cash from falling out in transit.
They’re extremely durable, as we make every custom phone wallet with a material that can take a beating. You get a choice of silicon, lycra, and leather wallets – all of which are resistant to scratches and stitched securely.
Yes, you can.

The majority of our cell phone wallets are made using silicone or leather – both materials that allow wireless charging as long as the material isn’t too thick. In our case, we’ve ensured that the layers used for the wallet aren’t so thick that they impede wireless charging capabilities.
Cleaning your custom phone wallet is easy as long as you know what to use for the job.

For silicone wallets, an ammonia-free light dish soap diluted in warm water works well. Remove your phone from the case (obviously) and submerge the case in the water for a minute or two. Use a microfiber towel to wipe it clean and dry it before placing it back on your phone.

You can use a similar method for a leather phone wallet, though we recommend using a cloth to apply the water and dish soap, rather than submerging the case.

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This is what some of our clients think about our products

This phone wallet is indeed a good purchase! The phone pocket is padded, giving me confidence that my phone is protected from any accidental drops. It ensures the safety of my phone and other things inside the phone wallet - Jenifer Fill
The custom phone wallet makes a great gift! I had my friend's favorite quote printed on it and she was thrilled with the personalized touch. Highly recommended if you are looking for a good quality, but affordable gift. - Effie Cottman
I am so amaze with this Phone Wallet. My cell phone fits perfectly in this. And also, the card slots are spacious enough to hold multiple cards, yet snug enough to keep them from slipping out. This is a really good purchase for me! - Tanner Jaffe
Overall, I'm very satisfied with my purchase. This phone wallet has made my life so much easier and more organized! It is indeed a right to choice to purchase Phone Wallet! - Stephany Sierra

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